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Lucy Ralston

Embracing identity

& sense of  occasion

Lucy Ralston
Lucy Ralston
Lucy working


During the creation process, Lucy Ralston follows natural lines to achieve a fluid movement of the garment. She works on draping fabric directly onto the body gathering and tucking to accentuate her clients’ attributes.

Lucy’s signature style puts emphasis on elongating the figure to enable the flow of the fabric and highlight the elegance of the silhouette. Her designs range from absolute simplicity and clean lines to state-of-the-art construction using corsets and embellishment work.

bespoke and unique

Lucy Ralston’s vision of beauty results in customised dresses that embrace identity, manner, and sense of occasion. Her creations have a definite intention and find their way from the clients’ own personality which becomes a key element of the design journey. Each unique dress is handcrafted in her Parnell atelier by her expert team of seamstresses and pattern makers.